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Diamond patterns forex trading

diamond patterns forex trading

should become easy once you are familiar with this pattern). Figure 1: Diamond Bottom Pattern, when prices break out of the established trend lines, the pattern is said to be successful. Because of the increased liquidity of the currency market, this formation can be easier to identify in the currency market than in its equity-based counterpart, where gaps in price action frequently occur, displacing some of the requirements needed to recognize the diamond top.

diamond patterns forex trading

Diamond patterns, rare but frequently profitable, are a combination of a broadening pattern and a triangle.
The pattern doesnt have to be completely.
Although the bearish diamond top formation happens infrequently, it remains effective in displaying potential opportunities in the forex market.
The, diamond, chart, pattern is a graphical pattern of forex technical analysis.

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The entry order should then be placed 50 pips below at 137.29, while our stop-loss order will be placed 50 pips above at 137.79. Figure 2 - free binary options bot A closer look at the diamond top formation using the AUD/USD. The diamond top and bottom patterns, despite its fancy name merely exhibits the trading sentiment and a period of congestion before a new trend emerges, depending on the chart time frame that you are using. We know that with break outs, sometimes prices rally or decline very quickly without any retracements or pullbacks, which is a factor to consider when trading the diamond patterns. This will give us a total of 865 pips of distance before we can take our full profits. Every girlfriend be happy, if her boyfriend present a diamond ring when they get engaged to one another.