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Currency conversion in sap hana 2.0

currency conversion in sap hana 2.0

select * from :prices; endmethod. Different parameters that determine the exchange rate for currency conversion are Exchange Rate Type, Source and Target Currencies and Time reference for the translation. Following is the step by step procedure to create a currency translation type. Variable Time Ref.: You can select different time references based on your requirement. Target Currency from Variable: This option can be used to determine the target currency through a selection variable at the time of query execution, in order to use this option a variable should be defined in this field and name of this currency translation type. V As an attribute of the view, for example, "vbap. Cl_demo_input request( changing field currency ). Convert to Currency: Select this option to translate results into a specific currency. At runtime, the associated currency attribute is determined using the characteristic value and this is interpreted as target currency. Select * from demo_prices order BY id into table @data(converted_prices).

This method uses the function module convert_TO_local_. Here, the table in question is first read to an internal table of the application server and must be written again after the conversion. Currency Conversion in SAP, bW Need For currency Conversion in SAP,.

Audience, business application consultant, data Consultant / Manager, database Administrator. 3.2 Currency translation in the executed query Currency Translation can be performed in the BEx Analyzer by selecting the Query Properties in the context menu for the key figure. Mark the radio button Target Currency from Variable and enter the technical name of forex brokers ltd nz the variable created on 0currency. Conversions of this type cannot be expressed in standard-SQL. SAP best practices for maximum performance and flexibility. Variable in properties of the key figure in BEx The second way to determine the target currency from a variable input is through the variable in the properties of key figure in BEx. In general, to convert an amount to a different currency, you must specify the following: v Source currency v Target currency, either fixed or with the use of a variable v Date you want to use as the exchange rate between the two currencies.

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